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London Men's Spring/Summer 2015: Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley, najpopularniejszy w blogosferze młody projektant z Londynu, ponownie podbił wybiegi Tygodnia Mody swoją ironiczną, inspirowaną Disneyem kolekcją. Wziął zakręt o 180 stopni i po ciemnej, utrzymanej w atmosferze tortur kolekcji, stał się bardziej optymistyczny na sezon wiosna/lato 2015. Odważne, kolorowe bluzy z podobiznami bohaterów Małej Syrenki zdecydowanie wygrały. Oczywiście, pan Abley nie opuścił lekcji branding’u w szkole projektowania.  Paweł Robuta dla Boyfriend

Bobby Abley, the much-blogged-about young London designer, once again conquered fashion week runways with his tongue-in-cheek, Disney inspired street wear aesthetic. Last season's dark, tortured atmosphere took a 180 degree turn and became much more upbeat for spring/summer 2015. The bold, colorful looks taking imagery from The Little Mermaid definitely stole the show. Clearly, mister Abley did not miss the branding lessons at design school. ♥ Paweł Robuta for Boyfriend

London Men's Spring/Summer 2015: Paul Smith

Pokaz męskiej kolekcji Paula Smitha na sezon wiosna/lato 2015 odniósł sukces na wielu płaszczyznach. Stroje w stylu casual chic rozświetliła paleta pastelowych kolorów tropikalnego słońca, które wspaniale wyglądają na granatowym tle. Granat jest mądrym i interesującym wyborem – letnią alternatywą do czerni, na której wszyscy polegają przez cały rok. Ubrania oraz dodatki idealnie ze sobą współgrają, jednak tę harmonię można bardzo łatwo zaburzyć, rozkładając zestaw na pojedyncze części, by stał się łatwiejszy do noszenia. Espadryle i spodnie w stylu lounge dodały kolekcji plażowy nastrój, ale bez najmniejszego problemu mogą towarzyszyć nam podczas lata w mieście. Dla odmiany, potrafię nawet wyobrazić sobie te ubrania na kimś, kto nie ma w pasie rozmiaru 18 czy 27, jak ci modele. ♥ Paweł Robuta dla Boyfriend

Paul Smith's spring/summer 2015 men's show succeeded on so many levels. The casual chic outfits displayed a palette of tropical sunset pastels which stood out beautifully against a dark blue background theme, dark blue being a very wise and interesting choice - a summer-appropriate alternative to the black we all seem to fall back on throughout the year. The looks worked perfectly together but could easily be broken down into individual pieces becoming more "wearable". The espadrille shoes and lounge pants gave the collection a baeachy feel but could just as easily be worn during a summer in the city. For a change, I can even picture these clothes looking good on someone who, unlike these models, isn't 18 and a size 27 waist. Impeccable! ♥ Paweł Robuta for Boyfriend


London Men's Fall/Winter 2014/2015: Agi & Sam

We have come to expect that Agi & Sam collections are flamboyant, humorous celebrations of color and kitsch. However, with their men's fall/winter 2014/15 collection the brand proved that it can do restraint and sophistication just as well. A little history: Sam Cotton and Agape Mdumulla met and founded their company after studying illustration and fashion design, respectively and both having stints at Alexander McQueen, among others. Last year their brand won the Emerging Talent Award for menswear at the British Fashion Awards. Mdumulla's Masai heritage influences this simple, paired down collection of a black and white palette on traditional menswear pieces enhanced by multiple layers of various lengths - a nod to traditional African attire. The collection's powerful geometry, layering and basic shapes and tones make it a huge success - definitely Boyfriend's favorite collection of this season in London. ♥ The Boyfriend

London Men's Fall/Winter 2014/2015: KTZ

For their men's fall/winter 2014/2015 show, KTZ, the British masters of men's neo-goth street wear, beloved by young bloggers around the world and copied cheaply by numerous Chinese quick-fashion online retailers, continued the previous season's theme of dark, medieval-inspired, geometric prints on oversized tops and tights. While not reinventing the wheel, sometimes providing consumers with exactly what they want is not such a bad idea. If it ain't broke - don't fix it. ♥ The Boyfriend


London Men's Fall/Winter 2014/2015: E. Tautz

E. Tautz, designed by Patrick Grant, showed an outstanding collection of diverse overcoats in their fall/winter 2014/2015 men's collection, on top of classic men's tailoring, which we didn't even notice. We want to buy every single coat! ♥ The Boyfriend

London Men's Fall/Winter 2014/2015: Burberry Prorsum

Burberry's Christopher Bailey looked to inspiration for his men's fall/winter 2014/2015 collection in the works and lives of British painters Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Lucian Freud and Duncan Grant, who, as a group, share the qualities of great talent, frequent travel and dynamic sexuality. The lightweight fabrics, mesh and silk scarves make it look like more of a resort collection, reminiscent of the "grand tour" of Europe which young men of the romantic eighteenth century took as a bourgeois/intellectual right-of-passage and recorded in their journals. While Bailey never fails to create iconic show-pieces every season (map prints), this collection seemed to be missing something, despite the amazing kilim-fabric bags, which The Boyfriend loves. ♥ The Boyfriend


London Men's Fall/Winter 2014/2015: Xander Zhou

The men's fall/winter 2014/15 collection of Chinese designer, Xander Zhou, a favorite of the Boyfriend, seemed to follow a boy's development from sensual schoolboy to sophisticated young man, featuring Zhou's familiar, innovative take on menswear with a distinct femininity and elegance. ♥ The Boyfriend

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